The Woman behind the Lippi…

Kamila Lipska – founder and designer at Lippi (a website for handmade interchangeable silver jewellery).

I am an idealist who believes in the limitless power of being in line with one’s own self. I have faith that this inner strength can save us from even the darkest past and set us free to become whoever we dream of being. I see the world as a harmonic fusion between rational moves and unexplainable emotions and senses – a place where, if we really try, we can be compassionate to each other no matter our sex, race, or religion.

I’ve been told that I’m too different to truly be loved, that I need to act like everyone else and be something I never want to be. Yet I still remain true to myself, a self-assured girl who stays vegan, well-educated, passionate, and feisty. A girl who loves dogs, even when they’re dirty and a bit stinky. A girl who believes wholeheartedly in ethics and the ultimate good of humankind. I may sometimes be as stubborn as a mule and difficult to convince, but I’m still the same person who walked a long way from a small city where basic needs often went unmet. I’ve struggled to achieve goals and deal with failures; I’ve entertained dubious men and complicated relationships; I’ve looked up to meaningless corporations and questionable role models. But through it all, I’m me – someone who dreams to have meaning, and to leave a memory of myself with each piece of art made in my workshop.

I believe in being honest, hard-working, self-confident, and free no matter where I am. I don’t care what society wants from me; I have never been a perfect fitting piece to the puzzle. I have chosen my way, where being challenged means being alive, and being helpful means being at home.





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